The Five Unnecessaries – Book 1 of The 27th Protector Series


I am Aislyn. These are the sad facts of my world.
Any child born in the Republic who is unscheduled, imperfect, or inconvenient is labeled an Unnecessary.
Any pregnant woman, or Vessel, is targeted as an enemy of the state for harboring an Unnecessary.
Their only hope is to be rescued by a Protector, one of 26 girls trained to infiltrate the Republic and get them safely back to the Territory.
These girls are chosen because they are strong, smart, and heroic. They train for years in medicine, technology, physical agility, and espionage.

They never choose girls like me.
Except…they did.

I am a threat and a risk because I don’t comply with the rules and expectations.
I am a target because the Republic is more determined than ever to destroy anyone who crosses the border.
I think my trainer has a secret.

I am the 27th Protector of the 188th generation,
and I’m terrified I will fail.

The Five Unnecessaries
Book 1 of 4 of the 27th Protector Series



Printed Length: 468 Pages
ISBN: 0986138223