The First Traitor – Book 2 of the 27th Protector Series


My name is Aislyn. My story started the day I was named the 27th Protector of the 188th Generation.
My story wasn’t what I was expecting.

I met my trainer, Collin. I expected to struggle through my training, and hate him.
He fell in love with me.
I infiltrated the Republic three times. I expected to save three Unnecessaries.
I saved five.
I expected to battle with any enemy soldier I saw.
The first one I ever met saved my life.
But the last night Alex saved my life, eight of us died.

I’m no longer the 27th Protector.

The Council has altered our objective from saving Unnecessaries to destroying the enemy.
The Republic has threatened to retaliate. Lives have been lost. Collin has focused on fighting the new laws. Alex has tried to survive his regret.

I just want to save a life.
To change the story.

It will take a miracle.
A dangerous miracle.
A traitor.

Book 2 of the 27th Protector Series



Print Length: 612 Pages
ISBN: 0986138231